Call Us:  (361) 853-7319


The staff has been trained to classify appointment requests according to the type of eye problem you are experiencing. If at any time you feel an emergency has arisen, please tell the appointment secretary so that prompt action may be taken. For routine check-ups, as well as problems that are not urgent, your appointment will be made as soon as scheduling permits. Remember to call us if there is any change in your schedule. A standby list is kept for those wishing an earlier date or time.

For appointments call: (361) 853-7319  or Toll Free 1-800-356-3101 


Please tell the receptionist when you arrive. Also, tell us if you have changed your address, phone number, insurance, job, martial status, or if you were referred by another doctor. Referring doctors want to know how you are doing and we like to report to them about your eye care. 

Please bring a list of you medications, or the medication bottles.

Every effort will be made to keep your appointment on schedule. Be a patient patient! There are unforeseen delays and emergencies at times. If this occurs, we ask your understanding and will keep you informed of the situation. 

If you are a new patient, or your appointment is for a complete check-up, your examination may involve the use of dilating eye drops. This allows a more thorough examination of your eyes; however, the drops require about thirty minutes to work and the overall examination may last one to two hours. After the examination, your pupils may remain dilated for a few hours creating a problem with glare. We will give you a pair of disposable sunglasses upon leaving. Driving may, nonetheless, still be difficult and a relative or friend may be needed to drive you home. 

Due to limited space in the reception room, we ask that you refrain from bringing children to the office, unless they are the patient to be seen. 


Refills on medication must be requested during office hours so that the doctor may refer to your chart.

If prescriptions are needed after-hours or on the weekend on an urgent basis call the main office number.  The answering service will route you to the on-call doctor who can call in your prescription.  Most prescription refills can wait until the next business day.