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Charges for office visits are determined by the extent of examination. Our fees are comparable to those charged by other eye specialists. Please be prepared to pay for your examination at the time that you are seen. 

Medicare and most private insurances provide no coverage for refractions (checking your prescription for glasses or contact lenses) or routine eye examinations and these charges are due separately from the patient at the time of service. 

It is your responsibility to pay any deductible, coinsurance, or other balance not covered by your insurance company.

If financial problems arise, please call our insurance department (361) 853-8743. We are happy to discuss charges with you. 

Managed Care Plans:

HMO, PPO and some other health insurance plan patients must have a current health insurance card and, if needed, a valid referral authorization prior to each office visit.  These authorizations are required by your insurer and we have no control over them. Patients without such forms can be seen only if the patient makes full payment at the time service is rendered. 


We are participating physicians with Medicare, accepting Medicare assignment. Patients are, however, responsible for any unmet deductible, the twenty percent co-payment, and any services not ordinarily covered by Medicare. We ask that these charges be paid at the time of service, and the balance will be billed to your insurance carrier. 

We are on most, but not all, Medicare Advantage plans. if you are planning on signing onto one of these plans, please call us to ensure we accept it.


If surgery is planned as part of your treatment, the office staff will provide you an estimate of the surgical fee. 

On the average, most insurance polices cover about eighty percent of fees, excluding any deductible. Since this portion of your fee is already deferred, our policy is that a deposit to cover the deductible and co-payment be made prior to surgery. 

You and your family are invited to discuss the fees and to suggest methods of payment. Surgical fees are filed with your insurance carrier. 


We offer exams to children both for routine exams and for medical conditions of the eyes.

A parent or other legally responsible adult must accompany the child at all times.

In cases of divorce or separation, the parent accompanying the child is responsible for payment. 


Except for certain minor procedures, most operations need to be scheduled in advance. The office staff will be happy to discuss times that are convenient for you. 

With rare exceptions the surgery we perform is on an outpatient - same day surgery basis to minimize your expense and maximize your convenience. 


If you need a copy of your records sent to a new provider, please call during regular office hours.

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To cover costs associated with these services, a  fee may be imposed.‚Äč